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Instrumental Albums

  1. Atmospheric River Instrumental
  2. Hidden Instrumental
  3. Momentum Instrumental
  4. Deep River Instrumental
  5. Healing Waters Instrumental
  6. Absolute Peace Instrumental
  7. Open Sky Instrumental
  8. The Oil of Heaven Instrumental
  9. Glory Instrumental
  10. Heavenly Essence Instrumental
  11. Ruah Instrumental
  12. Waves Instrumental
  13. The Soaking Presence Instrumental Volume 1
  14. The Portals of Heaven Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume II
  15. Another Realm Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume III
  16. Sacred Fire Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume IV
  17. Resuscitate Instrumental: The Soaking Presence Volume V
  18. Prophetic Warrior Instrumental
  19. Overcomers Instrumental
  20. The Eye of God Instrumental
  21. El Olam: Ancient Echoes Instrumental Volume One
  22. El Olam: Everlasting Light Instrumental Volume Two
  23. Prophetic Ocean Instrumental
  24. Flight of the Eagles Instrumental
  25. Mystic Glory Instrumental
  26. White As Snow Christmas Instrumental
  27. Baby Oil Instrumental


Vocal Albums

  1. Soaking H2O Live Soaking Sessions
  2. Visions Around the Throne of God
  3. Falling Waters
  4. Miracles
  5. Holy Ecstasy Worship
  6. When I Call Worship
  7. The Wonder
  8. Glory Splash!
  9. Holy Ecstasy
  10. Shaka Live Worship with JoAnne McFatter & Others
  11. Send Your Glory Live Worship
  12. Ascension Worship
  13. I Will Always Trust
  14. The Eye of God Wonders
  15. Overcomers “To Him Who Overcomes”
  16. Flight of the Eagles Live Worship

The Secret to Experiencing God's Presence
The Secret to Experiencing God’s Presence
by John Belt

All Albums MP3 Collection with Book