Jesus: King of Heaven’s Realm MP3



Created from one hour of spontaneous flow on the keyboard, Jesus king of heavens realm is a prophetic flowing orchestration of sound. This instrumental paints a picture of heavens realm in all its diversity and grandeur. Enjoy this soaking instrumental as you come before the presence of the King!

Tracks Include:

1- Divine Invitation
2- Joyous Entrance
3-The Book of Life
4-Walking Heaven’s Shores
5-Tell Me More
6-Running with Amazement
7-Heavenly Voices
8-Glimpses of Glory
9-Only the Half Has Been Told
10-Take Me In
11-Angelic Transport
12-Glistening Glory Stones
13-Across the Crystal Sea
14-The Glory of Jesus Christ

Jesus King Of Hrealm Cover 2.jpg
Jesus: King of Heaven’s Realm MP3