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Open Sky by John Belt is a fresh of breath air. You will discover the weighty glory of God with this beautiful soaking tapestry.

Open Sky is a beautiful collection of instrumentals that allow soaking without the distraction of someone else’s words to pull the mind away from focus on the Father. It sets a perfect background to times of personal prayer and meditation.

C. Joneson

So Soothing! LOVE this CD, it is so soothing and calming! Perfect for soaking or while reading inspirational materials. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a calming, peaceful instrumental music to accompany their day.


Very Evident In The Music! Very majestic, anointed, and peaceful! This artist is creatve in making a beautiful and continual flow. This is Throne Room music

Richard L. Earl Jr.

ENJOY GOD’S PRESENCE! Wow, all I can say is Wow! this one touches my whole being. It is great to have music that you can just lay there and enjoy God’s presence. I know, because some music can?t take you all they way in and this one does for me, Just WOW.


NEVER TURN THE MUSIC OFF!!! Just got the new open sky mp3s really like it. lets see if it can play more then some of your other ones i got. One of them has played over 600 times on my computer. lol I never turn the music off !!!


Beautifully orchestrated! This artist is a God given gift to my business. Thankful I was led to a person who knows the One True God. The massage industry will prosper with his music contribution.

Amber Butleron
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Open Sky MP3