Resuscitate Instrumental




Resuscitate by John Belt will breathe life back into your body and heart in a fresh way. Experience God’s anointing as you are taking into the presence of God.


Audrea V. Heard
Love This Worship Music!
Love this worship music, it takes me into new realms in the Spirit! All are a must have in your music library!

Night Time Music
I really enjoy this CD as my night time music. I let it replay it’s self troughout the whole night, I also play it while doing bible study. It doesn’t distract

Amber Butler
Flowing Rythms
So pleased with this music! If you desire to unwind, this artist understands how to help create the atmosphere for it to happen.

A Favorite By Diane P.
Resuscitate: The Soaking Presence V is one of my favorite soaking CDs!

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